Support through item donation is an excellent way for you to assist us in having the things we need to do business or put up a show.  Many of the items you see on the stage as a part of our productions once belonged to someone who decided to give it a new home at CHT.  We have been the recipent of generous donations of costumes, furniture, dishes and silverware, building materials, fabric, and even things like fake plants or other household goods.


In our office, anything we normally must pay for would make for an excellent donation item.  If you purchased office supplies that you realize you cannot use, think about giving such things to us.


We cannot always accept every donation. Between our theatre facility and our office, we only have so much space.  For clothing, the more unusual or character-driven the piece is, the more likely we will take it.  We do not usually take paint because of the storage restrictions on it.  However, we may consider it based on age, color and type.  Anything else is certainly something we will consider on a case by case basis.


Material donations are tax deductable provided you accompany your donation with a statement of value identifying your name, address and phone number and a specific itemization including individual worth.  We can release to you an acknowledgement letter which includes proper verbage for your tax filing in exchange for the donation and the value statement. To contact us to discuss donating materials, click the CONTACT US link at the top and write us a message or call us at the number at the bottom of the page.